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Our Mission

North Union Farmers Market, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, champions the local foods of Northeast Ohio and promotes their health, economic and environmental benefits by connecting certified producers with consumers through a network of markets.

Our Farmers Markets

When you visit a farmer’s market, you assume the food is fresh and locally-grown.  But that’s not always the case. At North Union Farmers Market, you can be absolutely certain.

Beginning with our first market in Shaker Square, we decided to run “certified producer only” markets. That means each and every farmer agrees to sell only food they’ve raised themselves or items made locally. We “trust but verify” by visiting local farms to certify they grow the produce they sell.

We now manage seven outdoor and two indoor winter markets in Northeast Ohio, including Shaker Square, Crocker Park, Cleveland Clinic Main Campus, Chagrin Falls, Legacy Village, University Hospital and The Van Aken District.

Every one of our markets is certified producer only. Why?

Because fresh local foods taste better and are more nutritious. The food is transported shorter distances, using fewer resources with less environmental impact. And buying truly local food directly benefits our Northeast Ohio farmers and builds the region’s economy.

Did you know? Vendor fees alone can’t support your local market!

North Unions Farmers Market is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. What motivates us everyday is starting, growing and maintaining markets where consumers like to shop and farmers like to sell.

But the fact is – the stall fees we charge our vendors simply do not reflect the true cost of running our markets. Charging higher fees would be too much of a burden for local farmers who often struggle to be profitable.

To make costs manageable for our farmers, we host fundraisers, apply for grants from foundations and operate an annual fund drive.

We need your support to provide fresh and local foods from Northeast Ohio farms—all certified!—so please visit here.