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Dear Champions of Local Fresh Food,
Your generous support for North Union Farmers Market says what matters to you.
You care about fresh healthy foods with flavor – not shipped from across the country. You care about supporting small local family farms, not big agriculture. You want to protect the environment by supporting sustainable agriculture. You want to eat fresh local foods, not grown with pesticides, hormones or GMOs.


You like knowing where your food comes from – and finding more variety than you get in your average grocery store, You like the small-town feel of strolling through outdoor stalls of fresh produce, meeting farmers, hearing live music and feeling part of a real community. On top of all that – you care enough to donate to our Annual Fund. Thank you for your generous support.


How Does your Gift make a Difference?
North Union Farmers Market is dedicated to bringing the fresh foods of Northeast Ohio, optimal in their taste and nutritional value, to Greater Cleveland. Since its inception, North Union has grown from a single market at Shaker Square to nine summer markets, two winter markets, and  Holiday Markets. Each market is “certified producer-only”, ensuring that each farm sells what they grow. The markets are focused on supporting the continuance of small family farms and the growth of new Cleveland businesses. Each market accepts government food assistance programs for qualifying low-income individuals such as SNAP, and participates in the Produce Perks incentive program. 


North Union has also developed educational programs for Cleveland youth, farmers, and young mothers. 


The Frittata Project is a free program that teaches young mothers how to cook a meal for four on a budget and includes a pan and spatula to take home.


The Mighty Locavores, having worked with more than 20,000 CMSD students, gives children K-2 the chance to interact with a local farmer and taste the difference between a locally grown apple versus one from the grocery store, all while following a STEM curriculum.


A Time to Grow, our annual free farm education program, brings in national speakers each year to cover topics from small business training to marketing and farm regulations.