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Chef at the Market

Part of North Union’s mission has been to promote the consumption of locally grown food in the areas where we hold farmers markets. We have always stressed the importance of fresh, healthy produce through community outreach and education efforts. One of these programs is Chef at the Market, where we bring in local chefs to prepare local food, demonstrate how to use locally-grown produce, fresh herbs and food products, and express to our market patrons why local food is best for their health and communities.

During a time when prepared foods are prized for their convenience, our health and well-being take a back seat. This is especially true for people in the younger generations who are forming their eating habits for the rest of their lives. Many Americans don’t know how to cook or don’t take the time. If only they knew what they were missing! Through this program, chefs teach simple, easy recipes to make with food found at the market.

Chef at the Market is announced in our weekly e-newsletter.

If you are a chef interested in participating, please contact our office at